Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday Prep!

     My Goodness, can you believe Thanksgiving is only two days away?  There is still so much to do!  Let me help you organize yourself a bit, so the stress of the season is so much less.
     I hope you already have your guest list finalized and your turkey should either be currently thawing in the fridge or be on order at the butcher.  We prefer fresh.  Yes, I do believe it tastes better, but best of all...nothing to take up the precious refrigerator space!  We purchase ours from Orchard Prime Meats.   They take my order for whatever size I need and then give me a number.  Every year I am afraid I am going to lose my number, so I write it in a few places.  I ask my daughter to read it back to me, so I am sure not to transpose.   I also order my rolls from the local bakery.  These will be picked up, along with my turkey on Wednesday afternoon.  
     Then I clean and brine my bird.  Since the bird is usually too big, (We have 20 people on average), I brine it in a soda cooler filled with ice.  
    Today, Tuesday, is my main cleaning day.  Floors are hand washed, stove is cleaned and bathrooms are sparkling.  On Thursday, my kids will give a general once over, before guest arrive.  Also this is a good day to purchase the liquor you will need, (not just to get through, but for your guests!)  This year, along with the standard wine and beer, I plan to offer Irish Coffee and after dinner cordials.  Chambord is a perennial favorite.    
    I also prepare my Classic Cranberry Jello Mold.  This gets ever so many compliments.  I highly recommend it!  
     Tomorrow, I make stuffing and pies.  
     Thursday, I prepare the potatoes in advance and keep them in the slow cooker.  I cook the Brussels sprouts, leaving them only part way done, in order to saute them in butter right before serving.
    I must be leaving you to your preparations now and continue with my own.

Keep Celebrating!


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