Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Family Pains

     School has resumed.  The latest community theatre production has been performed.  Sigh, time to get back to the regular day to day.
     It won't last, however.  Christmas cards need to be written, the oldest starts a new play in the next few days, there are still gifts to purchase and a holiday meal to plan, not to mention, we will enjoy a few holiday outings yet, ourselves.  (It's so nice when I get to be the guest!)
     Today, sitting with my lady friends, while our children had home school classes (there's not much "home" about home schooling.), we discussed our recent family get togethers.  The consensus seems to be that family tends to be far more impolite than friends would ever consider being.  The saying goes, "Familiarity breeds contempt."  and I tend to agree.  My lovely readers, let me remind you that just because you grew up in the same house as someone or raised an individual to adulthood, it does not give you the right to ride roughshod over your host. (or guest.)  Do not demand food or drink items.  If you have an allergy to something, your family will know that already and plan accordingly.  However, if you simply don't enjoy a particular dish...well...simply...don't eat it!  Don't whine and complain the whole time.  You might think about trying something new or even bringing a (already prepared and ready to serve) dish to share.
     As for helping, there are two schools on this.  Some love to have all the guests in the kitchen, washing and cooking, so help those hosts.  As for me, Stay Out Of My Way!  I've been hosting events for years and you are only adding to my stress with "Where should I put this?"  and "Do you have a _______?"  Sit down and enjoy some time to be pampered.
    Don't monopolize the conversation or belittle family members while at their house. (this actually happened to one of my coffee klatsch ladies over the holiday, how horrific!)   Age is no excuse.  Eight to Eighty, you need to be polite!
     Ah, well, without our family, who would we complain about?  Just don't do it while at their house!

Keep celebrating!

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