Thursday, December 27, 2012

Afternoon Hosting.

   I was fortunate enough to be invited to a delightful get-together this afternoon!  How wonderful it was to sit and chat informally with friends, while our children played in another room.
     I think that afternoon hosting may be just the thing for those of you who are, perhaps, intimidated by a big evening event!  May I offer a few ideas?  I'd love to think that someone would consider a party, simply because it would seem so fun and inexpensive!  No liquor bill!!
     First, keep your guest list small.  That is tricky for me, because I want to invite the whole world!  However, for an afternoon lunch, it's better to have just a few close friends.  Keeping in mind, however, that invariably someone will cancel at the last minute, which leads me to my next tip.
     If you have guests contribute food to the meal, be sure that it will not be a necessary part of that meal.  When they ask what to bring, suggest salads, desserts or appetizers that would not be missed if the guest must cancel.
     No fussy food - this is such a plus!!  You can have sandwiches or bread puddings or frittatas.  Such fun!!!!  You could do a light dessert table or simply finger snacks!  As for beverages, coffee, tea or soft drinks will fit the bill perfectly!
     Don't plan for a long afternoon.  These events tend to be no longer than 2-3 hours at the most.  You will have your whole evening ahead to do whatever you wish!
     Benefits of such events include: quick and easy cleanup, chance to actually visit with your guests and low cost of food and drinks.
     So get out the plastic utensils and have a few friends over for omelets!!!  And remember,

Keep Celebrating!


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