Thursday, December 6, 2012

Spoiled Brats

     Here on St. Nick's Day is the perfect time for this post.  My question for you is:
     Do you get your kids everything they want for Christmas or do you set limits?
I ask because an article in the Trib yesterday posed this question.  It seems many parents are upset because they can't afford to purchase the pricey items, such as Iphones and Ipads for their little darlings.  HA!  As if I'd even consider something like that!
     My children are aware that there is a 100 dollar limit for Christmas.  Do they all have their electronic gadgets?  Yes, both daughters saved their money for Ipods and my son, well, believe it or not, he actually WON his Ipad from last year.  He is the only one in the house with one.  It is funny how people look at me, thinking how spoiled he must be!  None of the kids have fancy phones and they don't have texting.  (Well, they do, but we don't encourage it.)  Wow, you say, how can they be well adjusted living in such deprived circumstances?  Just fine, thank you.  Would you believe that I actually get along with my teens and like them very much?!
     Look, if you can afford to comfortably buy your kids their heart's desires, I still don't think it is that great of an idea.  How can one appreciate the little things when the big things are simply granted.  When I grew up, we didn't have much money.  My mother passed away when I was very young and my father had to arrange for child care (not easy in those days.)  He worked many long hours to pay bills and see that we had all that we needed....NEEDED.  A few times his lovely boss sent a delightful gift basket to our house for Christmas. This man's wife was a celebrated hostess in our town and she took special care with these baskets. It had just the things to charm the whole family.  They were not extravagant, but had items that were little treats and not something to be afforded on our budget.  Oh, how thrilled we were!  Ornaments for the tree, (I still have some on my tree yet), Candy and chocolates and other small goodies.  I still smile when I think of it.  I know, though, that my own kids would not get the same enjoyment, neither would most kids these days.
The simple things are really what make the holidays so enjoyable, so let's not take that away from the next generation.  Most of all,

Keep Celebrating!

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