Tuesday, December 4, 2012

No Fan of the Boob Tube

     I just read this wonderful book, Gods Like Us.  It follows the movie stars from the early inception of film until modern day.  I found the early days the most interesting.  I must confess, I don't watch much TV.  Oh, I know, everyone says that, but then they follow it up with, "Oh, I can't miss the Walking Dead!"  or "Did you see the new Dancing with the Stars?"  To which, I must always answer in the negative.  The fact that I even know those titles amazes me, but I have recently just been asked those same questions, so I had that covered.  Seriously, I don't watch much TV, that is not to say NO TV, because I like the Fox News Channel (Yes, I am an evil Republican), Fox Business Network (I really love the financial world, I missed my true calling with that), and Turner Classic Movies, (Especially when they have the pre-code or silent movies).

     You may ask what I have against television and really it's not anything snobbish.  It's this:  I can't sit still and stare at something that long.  Simply cannot.  Now I love to read, but I can easily put the book down when I am restless and go do something else.  Funny...you'd think I'd be the skinniest thing on the planet!

     When my children were young, I told them that the TV sucked their brains out and that if they watched too much they'd be mindless zombies.  This was said with a chuckle and a twinkle in my eye, so they were not horrified or traumatized.  Still they knew there was an ounce of truth to it and none of the kids are TV addicted, (though the jury's still out on my son).  Instead of TV for background noise, I'd put on the radio or jazz Cd's.  (I like jazz.)  I did worry (sometimes still do) that they'd be out of the loop when it came to socializing, but with the Internet, the teens tend to pick up references if necessary.  And it seldom is.

I have to be a bit snobbish here, because I do hear about the shows that are on.  I saw on   Drudge that a new show with hillbillies will be airing rather than that one about New Jersey.  There is also a show about a beauty pageant child.  I don't get that at all.  So, I don't watch TV.  Gives me time to plan another get-together.  We will have people for New Year's Eve and that will need to be planned soon!

Keep Celebrating!

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