Friday, December 21, 2012

Cutting the Apron Strings

My 16 year old daughter just left on her first big school trip.  Her choir group, Palatine High School's Midnight Blues has been asked to sing at the White House!  Very exciting!....for her.  I'm feeling a bit lost right now.  I guess it is silly, but with all the talk about the devastating tragedy in Connecticut and the stupid end of world stuff, my mind is reeling!  I just want to keep her home and safe.

I am intellectually aware that you must let them go out into the world, however emotionally, I want to cover all my children in bubble wrap.  Poor daughter, she was patting me and consoling me...gawd, I'm such a wimp.  I remember when, as young people, my dad would have to send us off into the world, he was made of tougher stuff.  He was concerned, but had that stiff upper lip that men have.  My husband included.  The only sign that he was going to be worried was when he bought those of us remaining behind, a bunch of fatty Mickey D's for breakfast!

Anyway, I know she'll have an amazing time with this wonderfully talented group of young people.  I know she's with very responsible adults and that her choir teacher is experienced in these sort of trips, having done them for years.  I guess what I worry about is what I don't know...but I suppose that is what we all worry about...the unknown.

Looking forward to the stories and pictures upon her triumphant return!

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