Sunday, January 6, 2013

10th Century Lady?

     Oh, my old-fashioned friends, is there any greater pleasure than reading?  I was ever so fortunate to receive many books for Christmas along with a few gift cards for book stores.  I hope you were just as lucky!
     I enjoy the tactile feel of a new book and the nice smell when you open it.  I love the atmosphere of a good used book store....all musty and full of information I have yet to discover.  Now, your 19th century lady has a confession to make...I own a Kindle Fire.  Yes, I do enjoy it.  It is very useful when I am waiting for the children at one of their events.  I used to have to consider what book to take with me and now...I just take them all in one small electronic device that fits in my pocketbook.
     What do you like to read?  Right now, I am enjoying a history of England by Peter Ackroyd and to accompany that, I am reading a non-fiction book by Edward Rutherford by the name of Sarum.  I am seriously fascinated by the Anglo-Saxon time period, so much that I am teaching myself Old English!  Perhaps I shall have to retitle my blog "10th Century Lady" someday!
   I do hope that all of you have enjoyed your holidays and I hope that you, above all,

Keep Celebrating!

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