Thursday, January 24, 2013

Enough with the Pity Party, Sweepers!

     I love to enter sweepstakes.  I simply adore it.  I enjoy the rush when you get an email, stating you won, I  love the surprise packages in the mail and I love just imagining if I won the big prize!  What I don't like is this:   Stop with the pitiful comments, people!
     See, occasionally a blog contest will ask you to leave a comment about what you'd do if you won a cash prize of a varying amount.  I usually say, vacation or new gadget or even luxury coffees.  However, invariably some sad sack will state,

"Buy food for my three children"   "Buy clothing for my adopted children"  "My husband is out of work, we have 8 children, a blind parrot and I have a terrible rash and I need to buy ointment." (okay, I made that last one up, but'll see it eventually.)

    I think people do this because they think they will play the pity card, but a random computer generated pick does not care that your mother-in-law feeds orphan squirrels and needs nut money.

     On a side note, end your comments with "Thank you".  I do that because my daughter has done giveaways on her blog and they are work.  Be polite.  It's not going to help you win, but it helps you look like a decent human being, something in short supply from this 19th Century Lady's point of view.

     When you win, put a nice comment back up on the blog and then

Keep Celebrating!

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