Monday, January 14, 2013

Clean Your House.

     I recently had an acquaintance tell me that I was a bit of the joke of our circle because I vacuumed every day.  Now, please, I'll explain that I do not particularly like this person. (hate the, sorry, that's not ladylike.)  She tends to come at me with all manner of passive-aggressive statements, whereas I tend to be a pretty laid back person.  That is until you rile me, then I'm In-Your-Face aggressive.  Annnnywaaaysss...I laughed and told her I was rather pleased by that remark, at which she rolled her eyes at me and went talking to the other hippie mom in our group. (Birkenstocks and all, I do not kid.)
     Okay, I don't vacuum EVERY day, but I do take pride in my housekeeping skills.  I wish I could tell you that she is a working mom, and just has no time to clean, but nope.  Not only is she a full time mom, like the rest of the home schools, she isn't really a home schooler.  She unschools.  I know some that really make that work, but it's not working in this case.
     Look, in order to have a stress free live, you must have clean, comfortable surroundings.  I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I was an Organizer.  I believe it is innate in me to keep things neat.  It may not be natural for all of you, but it certainly doesn't help, when peers ridicule you for trying to bring order to your home.
     Cleaning is not stupid women's work.  It is a noble thing to want to keep your family stress-free and happy.  So pick up that dust cloth, put on your favorite music and be proud of yourself!  Afterwards, the house will look so lovely, you'll want to invite a few friends over so you can....

Keep Celebrating!

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