Tuesday, June 18, 2013

An Etiquette Review

     May I take this opportunity to remind my lovely readers of something quite important?  It is simply this: when receiving an invitation out for lunch or dinner, it is not appropriate to ask to bring an extra guest along.  This happened to my daughter recently and it put her in quite a difficult position.
     You must understand that YOU are asked to be the guest and the person inviting you will be paying for you.  It is a bit rude to expect your host to pay for your guest also.  Now, of course, if you mention that you will be paying for the additional guest, I give you a very reluctant nod, however, it still puts your host in a very awkward position and, most likely, that said host will wind up paying for both parties.

     Please understand that meals out can be expensive and should be thought of as a special treat for you. Perhaps, the event is meant as a "thank you" for past favors, If not, however, one should try to reciprocate at a later date, either with a home cooked meal or a return engagement out.
    I do so hate to lecture you with such trivial matters, but it had been brought to my attention that young ladies of college age may not be aware of such things and so, I take you all to task now.  To have a gracious lifestyle, please try to behave graciously.

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