Friday, May 24, 2013

Princess Party...for teens?

     A princess party for 17 year olds, you ask?  Well, my daughter and her friends decided to get a singing group together for the high school's talent show and they all sang songs from Disney movies and arranged the choreography for them.  SO, now that school is nearing the end of year, she asked if she could have the group over for a luncheon, as it is a half day today.  Of course, I said...SURE!!!!

     I am serving mini lunch meat sandwiches on my best porcelain serving trays, mini quiches in a parmesan cheese crust, Virgin Margaritas with glass rims coated in colored salt, Lychee fruit punch, and a lovely strawberry trifle. (see picture).  I also have the old stand-bys: Chips and Dip and Dove Chocolates.  (I even have back up snacks in the freezer, if needed!)

    The girls will watch as many Disney movies as they can before the food runs out.  Each girl will get her own tiara and take home her margarita glass.

So, Cheers to another party!

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